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The Unleash Network is a market leader in financial and operational consulting.

Drawing on over 50 years of deep expertise across a number of industry sectors,
we help businesses find the best possible solution for difficult situations—quickly and honestly.

Unlike consultants who simply give financial advice, we collaborate with management and other stakeholders to create and execute a comprehensive action plan that addresses immediate challenges and moves your business forward.



Investec Bank Limited, South Africa

"We have worked with Unleash Consulting over the last two years and have found them to be professional, competent and practical in the manner in which they have performed the following services for Investec with respect to Investec’s clients who have been identified as non-performing or requiring intervention:

  • Undertaking independent business reviews to identify problem areas in the client’s business;
  • Examining the client’s sales activities and producing weekly cash flow forecasts for Investec;
  • Recommending to Investec a turnaround strategy for the client; and
  • Providing advisory support to Investec for clients in Business Rescue."

SA Online Training Academy,
Shareholder & CEO

"Just a quick note of thanks for the time spent with us today. There was a great deal that I appreciated about the session, but most of all I appreciated the authentic way in which you approached it. I felt there was genuine interest and care for what we have built within our company, and a willingness to constructively find solutions and ways for us to work through the position we are in, and support us to accelerate our growth"

Hospitality Group Owner

"I look forward to working on strategy and the relief I have knowing that you have all the experience and skills to help us is invaluable"

South African Software Company CEO

"Our Business Rescue went extremely well, and in fact I would describe it as a textbook operation, with rapid agreement being reached with our creditors. This gave us the time to restructure and put a new business plan in place for future success. The arrangement was to pay 100 Cents in the Rand to creditors, but spread over a 24 month period, to allow us to continue trading. Alastair Macduff brought huge value to our operation, from installing proper accounting systems to cash flow management and budgetary control"

South African Technology Company MD

"After finding ourselves in a situation of financial distress, Unleash managed a Business Rescue operation for the company in a thoroughly professional manner, being friendly when they needed to be friendly and being tough when they needed to be tough. Unleash proved themselves adept at managing and solving problems"

Namibian Group Acting MD

"Thank you for supporting me and for your willingness to assist us with resolving complex and sensitive operational issues"

South African Group FD

”Our trusted advisors”

Namibian Property Company MD

“I did not phone you for an update, because I knew you were in control and I therefore did not have to worry about it”

Australian PPB Advisory Partner

"South Australia’s largest and longest established builder of residential home and low rise building projects went into Voluntary Administration (VA). Unleash determined whether or not the company could be rescued. Unleash were appointed to assist the liquidators following a resolution by the creditors of the company"

Top Tier Namibian Bank

“Now, with the Unleash Consultants involvement, the bank is fine to continue funding the operation"

South African Technology Company

"Unleash has provided ongoing assistance with the implementation of the turnaround plan including attendance and chairing Exco meetings, and recently as an independent non-exec chairman of the board of directors"

Namibian Group MD

"Unleash were there for us to get us through a tough litigation process"

Australian PPB Advisory Partner

"Unleash devised an approach for a marine agricultural company having its debt restructured, operations improved and management reorganised. The successful outcome of the complex operations over an extended time period sanctioned by the Federal Court of Australia included repayment of the secured creditor"


Unleash assists business owners, management, financiers and entrepreneurs through every stage of the business life-cycle.

Credit: Managing Corporate Life-cycles by Dr. Ichak Adizes (Prentice Hall, Englewood Cliffs, NJ:)




  • Distressed Advisory
  • Business & Operations Modelling & Strategy
  • Executive Team Restructuring
  • Cash Flow Optimization & Control
  • Close Business Monitoring
  • Legal

    Legal & Compliance

  • Creditor Relationship Management
  • Debt Restructuring & Refinancing Advisory
  • Merger & Acquisition Advisory
  • Shareholder Dispute Resolution
  • Legal Obligations Review
  • Pan-Africa

    Pan-Africa Commerce

  • Financial Regulatory Environment
  • Sourcing of Local Business Partners
  • Cross-border & Domestic Money Movements
  • New Co Setup, Including Local Non-Executive Directors
  • Fintech & Insurtech Operations
  • Technology


  • Digital Transformation Advisory
  • Cybersecurity Review
  • Cyber-Attack Simulations
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Remote Worker Enablement
  • Training


  • Board & Exco Governance
  • Distressed Change management
  • Cash Flow Management & Forecasting
  • Non-performing Loans Management
  • ESG - Environment, Social & Corporate Governance
  • Board-Level Cybersecurity Introduction


    At Unleash we deliver creative, considered, responsible and deliberate solutions. The combination of solid theory, practical experience and detailed application, coupled with our care for people, sets our offerings apart from our competitors. The delivery of service will be undertaken by the Unleash Network of professionals supervised by the executive team of Alastair Macduff, Elmar Burger, George Rautenbach, Quintin Van Der Walt and Richard Malcolm.


    Unleash offers more than just a service. We provide thought leadership, practical hands-on experience, entrepreneurial flair and a drive for developing the performance of our clients. We are passionate about unlocking the potential of business using a pool of Unleash experts who embark upon an all-stakeholders-benefit approach.


    We provide independent non-executive directors drawn from the Unleash Network who are all seasoned professionals with operational experience in running companies at the highest level such as CEOs or CFOs. We bring the acumen and strong independence needed to enhance the performance of the board of directors.


    We have a great team of people who can assist you in all aspects of your business.

    Alastair Macduff

    Founder & Chairman

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    Elmar Burger

    Head - Namibia

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    Richard Malcolm

    Head - Pan-Africa
    Unleash Network Coordinator

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    George Rautenbach

    Head - Legal & Compliance

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    Quintin van der Walt

    Head - Financial Restructuring

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    Ida van der Walt

    Head - North America

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    Bruce Berry

    Head - Credit Risk Advisory

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    Lawrence Trent

    Head - Technology & Cybersecurity

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    Tony Ekron

    Cybersecurity Specialist

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    Paul Eloff van Marle

    Head - Mediation & Arbitration
    Financial Advice & Estate Planning

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