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Corporate Finance Support Services

"In some mergers there truly are synergies - though often times the acquirer pays too much for them - but at other times the cost and revenue benefits that are projected prove illusory. Of one thing, however, be certain: if a CEO is enthused about a particularly foolish acquisition, both his internal staff and his outside advisors will come up with whatever projections are needed to justify his stance. Only in fairy tales are emperors told that they are naked." Warren Buffet

At Unleash we have often told the emperor that he was naked!

We tell the picture as we see it and we have advised clients to walk away from more deals than we have recommended. We are specialists at deal evaluation and bring to the party the old fashioned business and commercial skills which we have acquired over many years. Our advisory services have been designed to assist overworked and busy executives make the right call on the numerous deals that cross their desks every day.

Pre Acquisition Evaluation

We will check and review each deal for to see if it the business passes the following tests:

  • Desirability ( marketing due diligence)
  • Feasibility ( operational due diligence)
  • Viability ( commercial due diligence)
  • Corporate governance

The critical first 100 days following an acquisition

This limited window of opportunity can have a profound impact on the success or failure of the acquisition – a well thought out and executed program will result in a motivated and enthusiastic team, but if handled badly can cause people to go into resistance and rejection.

We will assist you draft a merger integration program and will oversee its implementation. In addition we will ensure that the implementation plan is effectively communicated to all concerned by facilitating workshops. In addition we will monitor the implementation and provide you with progress reports.

Business Health Check

All businesses have weaknesses as well as strengths. If you want to sustain and grow your businesses, it is vital to address these issues before they threaten your chances of long term success. A Business Health Check can be a key part of that process. We cover the following areas:

  • People, management and culture
  • Resources
  • Innovations/ideas and IT
  • Marketing and sales
  • Operations and systems
  • Finance

We will help you to identify and address both problems and opportunities.


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