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Company Profile

Our Team has a wealth of practical experience in helping businesses to improve performance, to tackle complex issues, and maximize value for shareholders. We have successfully delivered results that exceeded our clients’ expectations.  The firm draws on a very wide variety of capabilities, which, combined with a very hands-on approach, enable us to deliver excellent results in a broad range of environments.

Our culture is defined by action-orientation, an entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to core values of quality and integrity.  We operate from our offices in Johannesburg.

Our capabilities include:

Business Consulting

We provide expertise to improve or enhance the performance of operational and business processes—from strategy to execution. Our team is comprised of top-tier professionals who offer a unique combination of operational experience and strategic consulting expertise, to both private and public sector entities.

Business Rescue

We advise corporate management and boards on how to stabilise operations, address liquidity crises, improve working capital management, and position the company for successful operational and financial restructuring.

Cash Flow Management

We review businesses existing financial systems and controls, make recommendations for improvement, and if necessary, design and implement a cash management systems that will allow clients to take control of their cash flow and also provide them with the detailed information required to run the business efficiently.

Operations Leadership Improvement and Coaching

We work with Managers and Supervisors to improve their leadership and operational effectiveness in order to help businesses to ‘get more from the same, or the same from less’, achieving both short-term and lasting improvements in profitability

Transaction Advisory

We deliver pre-acquisition financial, operational and accounting due diligence services to private equity firms and investors. With an integrated and proven operational strategy, we work with investors to analyse, identify and evaluate the impact that operational and other key factors will have on investments. Free from audit-based conflicts of interest, we help investors to hit the ground running on Day One.

Our Approach

Our hands-on approach to client engagements is rather different from the average.

  1. We tend to work as part of the client’s ‘in house’ team rather than as an arm’s length advisor.
  2. We limit the number of clients that we work with at any one time so that we can develop closer relationships and can properly understand the business.
  3. We do not take ‘control’.  Accountability remains with the client management team.  We ask questions, listen and help to develop plans for improvement, then assist in implementation.
  4. In most instances we charge an agreed price for the work we perform.  We can only do this successfully if we take the time to understand your objectives, stay within our areas of expertise and deliver what we promise.  We do everything to put you first.
  5. We work with successful entrepreneurs, investors, private equity firms, banks, the public sector and NGOs.

Industries in which we have experience include:

Aquaculture, Building and Construction, Defence, Financial Services, Food, Hospitality and Tourism ICT, Mining, Transport and Logistics, Wine Industry, Waste Management.

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